Obviously Any Time Someone has to Engage the Services of a Lawyer, the Stress Level is High

“Obviously any time someone has to engage the services of a lawyer, the stress level is high.  It’s like all the standard rules of life have disappeared – and there is risk and heartbreak at every turn.  My attorney masterfully provided guidance – readied me for the challenges I would have to live with throughout this painful process.  At the end of the day, most of what a great lawyer has to do is support a client in doing the right thing.  She helped me to understand.  …  When the rhetoric or temperature would escalate, she demonstrated calm and confidence.  My perspective was never presented as volatile or disrespectful.  There were times when I was bursting with frustration and wanted to respond to attack with my own attacks.  My attorney protected me from my own short-term reactions.  I took deep breaths as she advised.   If you are needing the services of a lawyer, then I encourage you to consider this firm.  With the support of her firm, I am now on the other side.”