Divorce mediation allows separating and divorcing couples to take control of their divorce or separation and make beneficial decisions about their future. Mediation is particularly helpful for parents who, though no longer together, will continue to make joint decisions about their children, visitation, support, education, and medical care far into the future. Mediated settlements also have a consistently higher compliance rate because both parties navigated the issues before them, created, and mutually agreed on the terms of a settlement.

Our family law divorce mediators provide the insight and guidance of a trained, neutral facilitator to mediate your differences, determine your wants and needs, and arrive at settlement through a non-adversarial format. This is the most cost-effective and collaborative methods of achieving a divorce and allows you to maintain the greatest level of control over the process.

When you and your spouse disagree, our skilled mediators use dispute resolution techniques and their extensive knowledge of Maine family law to guide to a resolution of your differences by:

• Facilitating the communication between parties and making sure each party is given an uninterrupted time to speak
• Asking parties to make communications clear or to restate or explain a point when necessary
• Providing information about the legal system
• Describing how issues may be viewed by lawyers or judges
• Facilitating discussions on spousal support or child support
• Identifying alternatives for solving issues
• Referring the couple to third party experts for services, such as appraisals, when appropriate

Our mediators are certified and have completed the Maine Association of Mediators 40-hour training program and have hundreds of hours of experience helping parties navigate the often bumpy road to resolution. We will work with you and your spouse or significant other through a series of mediation sessions to resolve all the issues in your separation, divorce, or post-divorce matter. Throughout the process, our mediators will prepare a property distribution chart, child support documents, spousal support analysis, and a settlement agreement to memorialize the final agreement.

Once you and your spouse agree on the terms of the settlement, you may choose to work with your own lawyer to review the agreement and ensure you are comfortable with the mediated outcome. After all issues between the two of you are resolved, you will initiate an uncontested divorce action in the main District Court to finalize your divorce or separation based upon your agreements—all with minimal Court intervention.