MillerAsen is dedicated to helping families who lost of loved one navigate the probate process. When a family member passes away our team is there to help you though a very difficult and emotional time by helping you understand your situation, make a plan, and make sure things are done efficiently and fairly.

Probate is complicated. We believe in settling an estate or trust fairly and making the process as simple and easy-to-understand as possible. That may mean helping administer and settle a completely peaceful estate or trust, while other times it means litigating a situation in court, or something between the two.

It is very common to feel lost or confused, especially if a loved one has just died. In fact, we help many people who come to us and do not know where to begin. We understand that. Our compassionate legal team has helped many families settle their loved one’s estate, from honoring their loved one’s wishes, to managing complex family relationships, to maximizing the value of the estate for the family. Our firm has efficient processes to make sure that the estate administration stays on track, feels fair, and is done right.