Client Testimonials

I don’t think we could have done it without you

“The agreement and divorce are final, so you can close the books on us. Thanks for all your help…you made a difficult situation bearable and I don’t think we could have done it without you.”

– Mediation couple, Maine

Obviously Any Time Someone has to Engage the Services of a Lawyer, the Stress Level is High

“Obviously any time someone has to engage the services of a lawyer, the stress level is high.  It’s like all the standard rules of life have disappeared – and there is risk and heartbreak at every turn.  My attorney masterfully provided guidance – readied me for the challenges I would have to live with throughout this painful process.  At the end of the day, most of what a great lawyer has to do is support a client in doing the right thing.  She helped me to understand.  …  When the rhetoric or temperature would escalate, she demonstrated calm and confidence.  My perspective was never presented as volatile or disrespectful.  There were times when I was bursting with frustration and wanted to respond to attack with my own attacks.  My attorney protected me from my own short-term reactions.  I took deep breaths as she advised.   If you are needing the services of a lawyer, then I encourage you to consider this firm.  With the support of her firm, I am now on the other side.”

- G. Portland, Maine

You Can’t Fake “Caring”, and its Obvious You Care about the People You are Working With.

“Thanks for your help. I realize it is part of your job that you are paid to do…but I appreciate your efforts and approach. You can’t fake ‘caring’, and it’s obvious you care about the people you are working with.”

- S. Portland, Maine

Employing the services of Catherine Miller was the single best decision I made

“Employing the services of Catherine Miller was the single best decision I made during my divorce / child custody dispute. Though my case was previously handled by another lawyer, Catherine quickly familiarized herself with the details of my case and moved forward with a defined plan. During a difficult time in my personal life, Catherine made me feel at ease when we first met and reassured me each time we corresponded. Catherine’s advice to me throughout this process was dead-on and proved invaluable.  While continually keeping me informed, Catherine kept constant contact with the Guardian ad litem and other entities to broaden her knowledge of my case and to stay current. In the courtroom, Catherine’s preparation, efficiency. and professionalism was remarkable. My experience with Catherine Miller’s firm has been a positive one and I would encourage anyone in need of family legal counsel to seek her services.”

- J. Westbrook, Maine

Your Peaceful, Resolution Orientated Style Really is in the Best Interest of Your Clients.

“Thank you for your representation of me during my divorce.  People in Maine and the greater Portland area, in particular, who have to go through this process are fortunate to have your services available to them.  I will recommend you highly to anyone as your more peaceful / resolution-orientated style really is in the best interest of your clients. The process was extremely difficult, but I’m glad it’s over and the resolution we got…I think is as good as it can really be.”

- M. Falmouth, Maine

It was a good resolution for us both and I am happy with it

“I wanted to thank you for your work on our mediation. I was frustrated with the pace, until I realized you had already figured out when to pull back and how to slowly nail down commitment on smaller issues as we inched toward a resolution.  I didn’t have the patience for that anymore by that time. It was a good resolution for us both and I am happy with it. It is much better than what we would have arrived at by ourselves. Thanks so much for your help and your patience.”

- D. Portland, Maine

I Would (and have) Highly Recommended Catherine

“I approached Catherine late in my divorce process to help me wrap up the final paperwork and process the official filing.  At our first meeting, she came across as extremely knowledgeable and I was impressed at how efficient she was in getting the necessary papers prepared for me and my ex-spouse.   The process was painless, done in less than two hours,  and I didn’t feel I was billed for a dime more than what was put in.  Months later, I needed Catherine’s professional help to come up with an addendum to my divorce agreement.  Her advice was invaluable and she did an excellent job laying out an addendum that had my best interests in mind.  I would (and have) highly recommended her.”

– C.  Portland, Maine

- C. Portland, Maine

A Genuine Pleasure to Work With

“I highly recommend this firm to anyone who may need compassionate, experienced, skillful legal guidance and representation. They can make an otherwise unpleasant experience, truly, one that is well organized and focused, and produces the outcomes that you mutually agree upon; not to mention that they are a genuine pleasure to work with.”

- D. Portland, Maine

After Being Married for 34 years, I Never Expected I Would be Going Through a Divorce

“After being married for 34 years, I never expected I would be going through a divorce. I was truly a mess and you all went above and beyond to help me make it through this and I can’t thank you all enough. You made me feel like there was reason to keep going when all I wanted to do is give up. Not only are you a top-notch lawyer you are a good person with good family values and I think a lot of you and your team. I would strongly recommend your firm to anyone facing what I have been through.”

– R.  Yarmouth, Maine

I Feel that You Cared about Me and My Concerns

“Thank you, for your help over the past few months.  I appreciate your guidance, as well as  your listening to my concerns.  I feel that you cared about my concerns and not just the legal items and conditions.”

– J. Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Thank You for Helping me with my estate planning documents

“Thank you very much for preparing my estate planning documents.  Alex Chaiken listened to my goals and desired intentions and efficiently prepared my will and family trust.  I feel better knowing my assets are protected and my family will be taken care of in the event of my death.  I should have taken care of these important decisions years ago.”  J. Scarborough

- R. Portland, Maine

You Helped Me Make Good Decisions and Land Squarely on My Feet

“As time goes by, I look back at the stress of separation and divorce, and I realize exactly how much the firm helped me make good decisions and land squarely on my feet. It has been over 4 years since I hired the firm to help me at the worst time of my life. I am beyond grateful for their kind guidance and firm advocacy.

As a professional, the separation and divorce were overwhelming given my need to balance single parenting and a demanding work schedule. They provided excellent advice related to my personal circumstances. Most importantly, they remained a resource to me when a few issues arose years later, they responded within 24 hours and provided insight and clarification on my rights and choices given the new circumstances and the existing settlement agreement.”

- C. Portland, Maine

This is Truly an Amazing Firm

“This is truly an amazing firm.  Nobody really ever wants to need and or use a lawyer, but my experience has been positive.  They are very professional and prompt in their cases.  They are always on top of their game and very clear on the process in and out of court.  I find them not only on a professional level but a personal one, too.  They are caring, kind not just making you a client, but a person and case they care about.  Highest Recommendation!”

- D. Windham, Maine

Right from the Start, Catherine Impressed me with her Efficient, Professional Manner

“Right from the start, Catherine impressed me with her efficient, professional manner which immediately instilled my confidence in her abilities to represent me well with a child support challenge. I needed an attorney who would listen to my concerns, guide me through my options, and make recommendations that produced the desired results. She took the time to educate me well about the legal process and promptly responded to my emails and questions every step along the way. I was never left wondering what I needed to be doing or not doing to help my case. She was prompt and professional when in court and always prepared me well for hearings. Because of Catherine’s capabilities and attentiveness, my case was resolved to my high satisfaction and without undue stress.”

- D. Scarborough, Maine

Separation is difficult

“The separation from my family was the most difficult experience of my life. The legal system was the last thing I wanted to deal with.  The firm’s attorneys’ experience and patient guidance helped me make the best of a rotten situation. They provided me with practical options to give me the best chance of accomplishing my goals. I would call on your firm again without any hesitation.”

– C. Cape Elizabeth, Maine

- C. Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Helped us Find Some Sense of Normalcy in the Midst of Overwhelming Fear and Sadness

“Anytime someone has to engage the services of a lawyer, the stress level is high.  We owe the firm our appreciation, not just for the unflappable and tenacious approach to a steady stream of legal challenges and complexities, but for her steady hand with us, the family.  The firm helped us to find some sense of normalcy in the midst of often overwhelming fear and sadness.

Our attorney was exactly the lawyer we needed in the courtroom. She handled herself with grace and power. Hard combination in my book. She was on point throughout the trial. She walked into the courtroom prepared and everyone knew it. She was honest and demonstrated calm and confidence.

The firm’s staff is strong and super-efficient. Always kind and very respectful whenever we called or needed help. They are wonderful and work well as a team.”



– J. Westbrook, Maine

I Really Appreciate Your concern for my Emotional and Financial Welfare

“I really appreciate all you have done, your counsel, and your concern for my emotional and financial welfare.  I am so pleased with my estate plan.  It’s great to have an advocate with your experience and intellectual resources.”

- M. Cape Elizabeth, Maine